The aligner of your dreams

from 789.00 or 53.80 per month*.

*spread over 12 months with an initial payment of 197.25 followed by 11 monthly instalments of 53.80

So strong, so flexible

Your aligners are so much more comfortable

Our 3rd generation Copolyester aligners retain their strength longer and allow faster processing than the TPU, PET-A or PET-G used for conventional transparent aligners.

Transparent aligners

Up to 2x faster

Your treatment in less time

Our 3rd generation Copolyester aligners are so comfortable that you'll be able to move on to the next one more quickly, and with the help of the orthodontic vibrator, your teeth will be aligned in no time.

More resistant to heat

Up to 85°c / 185°F

Our 3rd generation invisible aligners are much more resistant to heat than conventional TPU, PET-A or PET-G aligners.

Receive good vibrations

10 minutes a day

That's how long it takes for our orthodontic vibrator to allow you to move more quickly to the next invisible aligner and reduce your treatment time by approximately 20%.

Whenever you want

10 hours or 22 hours a day?

Day, night or both, it's your choice

The more you wear them, the faster the treatment.

They only need to be worn for a minimum of 10 hours a day for the treatment to be effective.

Fair price

from 790.00

We've decided to offer aligners at a fair price to give as many people as possible the smile they deserve. The price is the same for all corrections.

Virtually invisible

So discreet that no one will notice your aligners

Our latest generation of dental aligners in thermoformed Copolyester on extra-smooth impressions are as transparent as crystal. It's very difficult for people to notice them, but you'll be so pleased with them that you'll be the one talking about them.

Take your dental impressions

From anywhere in less than 10 minutes

dental impression

The impression kit includes everything you need to take impressions of your teeth, quick-setting paste, supports in 3 different sizes to fit your body perfectly, accessories and easy-to-follow instructions, plus a pre-paid return envelope.

Professional control

Each treatment is validated by a qualified dentist


Your smile is too precious not to take every precaution

Visualise your objective in 3d

To validate it together before starting your treatment

Your opinion is the only one that counts, which is why we send you a 3d model of your future smile so that you can validate the result.

invisible aligners

We produce your aligners

In our laboratory in Geneva (Switzerland)

We control every stage in the production of your transparent aligners, which is why we can offer you the shortest lead times and guarantee exceptional quality.

Dental aligner production

Free delivery in 3 to 5 days

Wherever UPS is present

UPS Access Points are local businesses that offer a convenient alternative for receiving or depositing ready-to-ship packages and packages for return.

Satisfaction guarantee

No risk. 100% guaranteed.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our guarantee is absolutely 100% no questions asked and you're fully satisfied or your money back.

We want you to take care of your smile and keep it for a long time, knowing that you'll be totally satisfied no matter what. It's as simple as that.

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Time to work wonders

from 12 to 112 years old

There is no age limit for correcting the position of your teeth with invisible aligners. The only requirement is that the baby teeth have been lost and all the permanent teeth have come through.

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