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Our aim is to make our aligners as invisible, effective and accessible as possible.

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Alignae designed to give you a smile. The impression kit allows you to take your dental impressions easily at home in just a few minutes. We then show you a 3d rendering of your future smile and, once the treatment has been validated together, we send your complete treatment with all the instructions to your home address just a few days later.

To manufacture your invisible aligners, we use a patented 35% copolyester plastic that is softer and has less loss of strength over time, for greater comfort and greater treatment flexibility than a conventional aligner. Our design methods mean that each treatment can be totally individualised and validated for each patient. What's more, our latest-generation production tools guarantee precision of the order of 0.01 mm for perfect comfort and very fast delivery times.

Dental aligners

100% satisfaction guarantee

Our guarantee is absolutely 100% no questions asked and you are fully satisfied or 100% your money back.

We want you to take care of your smile and keep it for a long time, knowing that you'll be totally satisfied no matter what. It's as simple as that.

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Dental impression kit

Alignae has developed a complete, easy-to-use dental impression kit. This means that anyone can take dental impressions in comfort, wherever they are and without having to visit a dentist. It's child's play, and only takes a few minutes.

dental impression

3d modelling

In its laboratories, Alignae uses 3d scanners and reconstruction software based on artificial intelligence to reconstruct your teeth and create a virtual dental model that allows us to determine the origin of the angles and movements for each tooth. The maximum values for movement and the number of steps are adjusted by our dentists on a case-by-case basis according to various factors.

Manufacture of aligners

Our aligners are then manufactured using a unique material and process. The result is crystal-clear transparency and superior properties to conventional aligners, 35% of extra flexibility, superior 27% heat resistance, marginal loss of strength over time and exceptional precision to ensure you enjoy perfect comfort.

Align mold 3d print
Dental aligners


Alignea will send you all your aligners with explanatory instructions so that you can adjust your treatment according to your constraints and wishes. It is essential to wear your aligners between 10am and 10pm a day for good results, but you alone decide when you want to wear them or not.

Orthodontic vibrator

Our aligners are supplied with an orthodontic vibrator, which reduces the potential discomfort experienced when changing aligners and, in some cases, shortens treatment time. There is no obligation to use it, nor are there any contraindications to its use. It is a comfort device that is much appreciated by our customers.

orthodontic vibrator
Satisfaction guarantee


Our guarantee is absolutely 100% no questions asked and you are fully satisfied or 100% your money back. At Alignae, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best customer experience by offering you the highest quality service and products with a no hassle guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, you will receive a full refund or we will re-set your aligners at no extra cost.




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